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I. NOT to call upon God, whose favour defends
Both the innocent and the angels,
Is too much of false pride;
Woe to him that does it openly in the world.

II. I love not treasure with traces of dwellings no longer existing;
Everything in the present state is like a summer habitation.
I am a man to Him whose praise is above all things,
To the most high God who made me.

p. 503

III. I love to praise Peter, who can bestow true peace,
And with him his far-extending virtues;
In every language he is, with hope, acknowledged
As the gentle, high-famed, generous porter of heaven.

IV. God I will implore to grant a request,
Lord, be Eloi my Protector!
That to my soul, for fear of torments,
Be the whole protection of all the martyrs.

V. Of God I will ask another request,
That my soul, to be safe from the torments of enemies,
And held in remembrance, may have
The protection of the Virgin Mary and the holy maidens.

VI. Of God I will ask a request also,
Just is be, and able to defend me,
That to my soul, for fear of terrible torments,
Be the protection of the Christians of the world.

VII. Of God I will ask a considerate request,
That, being ready and diligent at all matins,
To my soul, for fear of punishment,
May be the protection of God and all the saints.
          Not to call upon God--

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