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THOUGH I love the strand, I hate the sea.
How the wave covered the stone of Camwr! p. 326
The brave, the magnanimous, the amiable, the generous, and the energetic,
Are as stepping-stones to the bards of the world, and an advantageous shelter.
The fame of Heilyn proved a benefit to the solicitous.
To the day of judgment may his celebrity remain!
Though I love the strand, I hate the wave.
The wave has done violence, dismal the blow to the breast.
He will complain as long as he believes on its account.
10 It is a cheerful work to bathe on my bosom,
Though it (the water) fills the cavity, it does not disturb the heart.
And in the direction of Cyhaig did the wave arise.
Sorry we are for his concerns,
When Pebrwr from afar hastened to his death.
The brave and courageous multitude will affect us both;
As the water bearing the leaves shows it thee.
Mechydd is sad on account of thy coming.
I will not receive thee to my receptacle.
From my part I sold a horse for thee.
20 Cyhaig will revenge for the delay of his enjoyment,
And for the sweet strains.
O dwarf! for thy anger to me there have been enemies.

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