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CUIREAM tan a steach
Air bhearn nan speach,
Air ghuth mairbh,
Air ghuth tairbh,
Air ghuth dair,
Air ghuth na ba ceire
Cionnara, ceannara, cairr,
Clach mhor bhun sgonnaig
Gun faothachadh, gun lomadh,
Na taodaiche tromaidh
Bhi slaodadh ri dronnaig bhur tairr,
Gon tig latha geal am mair.

An t-Athair, am Mac, an Spiorad Naomh,
D’ar caomhnadh, d’ar comhnadh, ’s d’ar tilleadh,
Gun comhlaich mise no mo dhuine sibh.


I DRIVE the kine within
The gateway of the herds,
On voice of the dead,
On voice of bull,
On voice of pairing,
On voice of grayling cow
White-headed, strong-headed, of udder.
Be the big stone of the base of the couple
Without ceasing, without decreasing,
As a full-weighted tether
Trailing from the hunch of your rump,
Till bright daylight comes in to-morrow.

The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit,
Save you, and shield you, and tend you,
Till I or mine shall meet you again.


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