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BUAINIDH mi mo choinneachan,
Mar choinneamh ri mo naomh,
Chasga fuath nam fear foille,
     Agus boile nam ban baoth.

Buainidh mi m’ achlasan,
Mar achainidh ri m’ Righ,
Gur liom-sa buaidh an achlasain,
     Thar gach neach a chi.

Buainim an duille gu h-ard,
Mar a dh’ orduich an t-Ard Righ,
An ainm Tri Naomh nan agh,
     Agus Moire, Mathair Chriosd.


I WILL pluck what I meet,
As in communion with my saint,
To stop the wiles of wily men,
     And the arts of foolish women.

I will pluck my Columba plant,
As a prayer to my King,
That mine be the power of Columba's plant,
     Over every one I see.

I will pluck the leaf above,
As ordained of the High King,
In name of the Three of glory,
     And of Mary, Mother of Christ.


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