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p. 60

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THE following fragment was copied from an old manuscript and sent to me by p. 61 the Rev. Angus Macdonald, Killearnan, Black Isle. The reciter's name is given as 'Anna Chaimbeul'--Ann Campbell.


p. 60


p. 61

SALTRUIGHIDH mis air an t-suil,
Mar a shaltruigheas eal air tigh nocht,    [traigh?
Ta neart gaoithe agam air,
Ta neart greine agam air,
Ta neart Mhic Righ Neamh
Agus talmhainn agam air,
Trian air na clacha glasa,

  *       *       *       *
’S trian air a mhuir mhoir,
Is i fein acfhuinn is fearr ’g a ghiulan.


TRAMPLE I upon the eye,
As tramples the swan on a bare house,    [strand?
Power of wind I have over it,
The power of the Son of the King of Heaven
And of earth I have over it,
A portion of it on the grey stones,         [third

  *       *       *       *
And a portion on the great sea,
She herself is the instrument most able to bear it.


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