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In the forehead is the intellect;
In the nape is the memory;
In the pate is discretion;
In the understanding, memory, and
  discretion together, is reason;
In the lungs is the breath;
In the breast is lust;
In the liver is the heat;

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In the veins is the blood;
In the bile is anger;
In the spleen is joyousness;
In the heart is love;
In all these is affection;
In the affection is the soul;
In the soul is the mind;
In the mind is faith;
In faith is the Son of God;
In the Son of God is imperishable life;
In imperishable life is gwynvyd;

Without end; and blessed is he, who rightly exercises the faculties with which God has endued him, in order to attain to endless gwynvyd, for ever and ever. Amen.

The Blue Bard of the Chair has said it.


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