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[pseudonym of Jane Brereton]

Humbly inscrib'd to his R.H. the PRINCE of WALES.

ROYAL FREDERICK! Britain' s Pride!
Prince , for future Safety giv'n;
   For Thee 's decree'd a Virtuous Bride,
Choicest Gift of bounteous Heav'n.
   To reward thy filial Duty,
To perpetuate Brunswick' s Race,
   Wit, and Learning, Youth, and Beauty,
Heav'n prepares for thy Embrace.

   No blust'ring Storms, affright the Fair,
No raging Billows, dare to rise;
   Safe by Heav'n' s, and George' s Care,
May She bless our longing Eyes!
    Neptune , sooth old Father Ocean ,
Mild Favonius , waft thy Gales;
   May One repell each theat'ning Motion,
For Albion , t' other swell the Sails!

   Behold! She comes, enrich'd with Charms,
Indulgent to thy plighted Love!
   Receive the Blessing to thy Arms,
And Hymen' s hallow'd Rites approve.
    Illustrious Pair! wou'd You in Story,
Thro' succeeding Ages shine?
   Wou'd You tread the Paths to Glory?
Follow George , and Caroline .

   And lo! I see a glorious Race,
Successive rising to Renown!
   Decree'd Britannia 's Throne to grace;
And give new Lustre to a Crown.
   Ordain'd, to wield the Sceptre Royal,
With righteous Pow'r, and gentle Sway;
   And rule o'er Britons , Brave, and Loyal,
'Till Heavn, and Earth, shall melt away.

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