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An old woman and a boy lived together, but I do not know that they were related to each other. One time their food gave out and there was nothing to eat. Then the woman said to the boy, "Take the calf and sell it and get what you can for it," so he took the calf. Some one gave him a bean and he gave the calf to him. He was given only one bean in exchange for the calf. When he brought this to the old woman, she said, "What could I do with no more than that?" and she threw it outdoors.

Next summer the bean came up. It grew upward until it touched the sky. Then the boy took hold of the beanstalk and climbed up. He climbed on up until he reached the sky. He got off and, walking along, came to where a cannibal lived where a woman gave him some bread. "Go back quickly," she said to him. He started back, but climbed up again and reached the same place. When he stood there the woman offered him bread once more but he did not want it. "What do you want?" she asked and he said that he wanted a bugle which lay beside the sleeping cannibal. She answered, "Get it, but leave without blowing it. If you blow it he will wake up. When he awoke after you were here before he said "I smell blood," and he went round hunting for you. Go quickly."

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The boy took the bugle, but when he had gone on a short distance, he blew it. When he looked about he saw that the cannibal was awake and had gotten up already, so he ran away. The cannibal chased him but he started down on the beanstalk. Halfway down he saw that the cannibal had also started down. He determined what he would do as soon as he got to the bottom. Arrived there, he saw the cannibal had gotten halfway, so he procured an ax, chopped upon the beanstalk, and cut it down. The cannibal fell with it, but what became of him is not known.

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