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A man (probably a Natchez) was out hunting and heard a noise a long distance behind him, "Wâmp, wâmp, wâmp." He said to himself, "I believe that white people are chasing me with hounds." After he had gotten along some distance farther he heard a quick rushing noise behind him, and looking about he saw a big mosquito flying toward him. Then the man jumped behind a large tree and the mosquito flew against it so hard that its bill ran clear through and came out close to where the man stood. The man took a hatchet he had with him and pounded on the end of the mosquito's bill so that it became riveted and he could not withdraw it. Then the mosquito brought his wings forward in an effort to pull his bill loose and the man cut them off. He thought, "These will make good fans for old men." He stuck them into a pack he had on his back, but when the sun shone out hot the wings turned to powder.

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