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An Owl found a Perch in a little puddle which was almost dry and wanted to eat it, but when he caught it the Perch said, "Let me sing you a song for you to dance by first. I am a good singer, and, if you will carry me to some spot that is open and clean so that you can dance, I will sing for you." The Owl agreed and said, "When we have reached the right place say, 'Here is a good place.'" So the Owl picked the Perch up and started off. Presently they came to a pool of water and the Perch said "Here is a good place. Brush it off well, and when you get it well brushed off dance back and forth four times. The fourth time you can eat me." He also said, "Lay me down beside your path." The Owl brushed the place off and began to dance, but when he turned round the fourth time the Perch made a jump and went off into the pool of water. So the Perch outwitted the Owl.

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