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Once the Terrapin proposed to the Deer to run a race across seven high hills, and they appointed a time for it. The day having arrived, the Terrapin got the other Terrapin together and placed them in a row on the sides of the hills. He put a white feather on the head of each. Then he said to the Deer, "I will have a white feather on my head." When they were at the starting point the Terrapin said, "Every time you reach the top of a hill you must whoop. When I whoop we will start running." So the Terrapin whooped and they started. When the Deer came to the top of the first hill he whooped as the Terrapin had directed him, and, looking over to the next hill, he saw a Terrapin which whooped also and went out of sight over the crest. This was one of the Terrapin which the first one had placed there, and when the Deer came up he hid, allowing the Deer to pass. Every time the Deer came to the crest of a hill he would whoop, and see a Terrapin go over the crest of the next. When he crossed the last he saw a Terrapin sitting down at the goal, and the Terrapin said, "I told you I could outrun you." The Deer said, "You look like a different Terrapin." "No; I am the same one." "I don't think you are the same because your eyes are so red. When we started your eyes were not as red as that." "As I ran along I got hot, and dust and rubbish got into my eyes. That is why they are so red."

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