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While Rabbit was lying down Buzzard came to him and Rabbit said, "I want to go up like you." So Rabbit mounted upon Buzzard and Buzzard flew up with him. He went along until he came to a door, when Buzzard said, "Hold onto this door." But when he did so Buzzard went flying off with the many buzzards which lived there. Rabbit hung there for a long time. He hung there until he got tired, when he fell down and burst.

Then his grandmother sat down and doctored him until she had healed him completely. "Do something to that Buzzard," she said. So Rabbit started off, came to a marsh, and lay down there. Buzzard flew around in circles for a while and then came down and stood upon him, whereupon Rabbit seized him. With the assistance of his grandmother, he pulled all of Buzzard's feathers out. After that was done he tied him in the marsh and called for cold weather, and when it got very cold his grandmother gave Buzzard a switching.

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