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An Opossum traveling about met a Panther. By and by the Opossum saw many deer and he sat down near them until the Panther came up. When the Panther got there he said, "You deceive those deer, I will kill them, and we will eat them." So the Opossum went to the deer and said, "The one who used to kill you is lying over yonder. He has been long dead and is full of worms. Go and dance about him. When all of you have come there say 'koyāsō koyāsō ilitohoktca''" (the last word means "long dead"). They danced and sang these words. While they were dancing and the Opossum sat watching them, a Fawn came up from behind close to the fire and said, "It is opening its eye." When it said this, the Opossum exclaimed "You lie." While the deer were dancing the Panther arose, jumped upon an old male deer and started to throw him down. Then the other deer ran away. Afterwards they ate the buck. The Opossum and the Panther both ate him.

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