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An orphan was traveling about hunting but killed nothing; he went on and crossed a river. He traveled with an old gun, for he was very poor. He killed nothing, and nobody liked him very much. Once he stayed with people at a distance from home who said, "Go on hunting," and he set out. He put a pack on his back, reached a big thicket that night, and sat down there. "I do not believe I shall kill anything," he said, as he sat there with his legs drawn up. While he was sitting there he heard a noise. The noise was made by a Pigeon Hawk which came and perched between his knees. And a Horned Owl came in pursuit and stood on the other side of the fire. Then the Hawk said to the man, "Take hold of me." So the man laid hold of him and sat there with him. The Horned Owl said, "Throw him over to me. I want to kill him." But the

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[paragraph continues] Hawk answered, "No; don't do it." "Throw him over to me," said the Horned Owl, "and you will be able to kill things just as I kill him." "No," answered the Hawk, "My way of going about is very, very good." But the Horned Owl kept teasing to have him. Then the Hawk said, "This Horned Owl that talks so is a wizard--he who says 'you will be able to kill something as I do.' Don't throw me over to him and when day comes I will give you good hunting." Then the man who could not kill anything said he wanted to be able to, and he remained where he was until day. When it was daylight the Horned Owl hooted and flew off and sat upon the top of a tree. "Now let me go," said the Hawk. The man let the Hawk go and he screamed and flew off. He flew up, turned, and coming down threw the Horned Owl down quickly by cutting off his neck. The Hawk said, "By daylight I can whip you." Then he returned to the camp and said, "Now, I am very happy. Anything you want I will do for you," and he disappeared.

After that the man picked up his gun and started on. And after making a very short circuit he came back. He killed bear, deer, turkey, and all kinds of game and brought them to camp, after which he stayed there roasting them. Then he was very happy. He did not have to go far because he missed nothing. He stayed there enjoying all sorts of good things. Then the other people were angry with him on account of his success.

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