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Some Indians were hunting bears in hollow trees. By and by they made a camp and hunted about from that. One Indian, who was poor and had killed nothing, went with them. They came to a hollow tree leaning up against another. The man climbed to the top of this tree, looked in, and saw a little bear. He got inside, played with the cub, tied beads around its neck, and tried to make it dance.

Presently the little bear's mother came home. When it climbed down inside the Indian was very much afraid, but she said to him, "Don't fear me." He, stayed with them until night. In the morning the Bear said, "When they are talking with one another, do not tell them about me. Start away if you want to."

The man got to the camp, and that night when they all came back they sat talking of what had happened to them. Then he said, "I saw a hollow tree standing over yonder." And they said, "Let that one take the lead."

By and by, after day had come, they said to him, "Go ahead." "Wait," he answered. He hunted about for forked sticks and made a high scaffold. When it was finished, he made a bed out of bear skins on the top. Then they started on under his guidance. But before they reached the place he said, "There it is." He pointed it out to them and ran on back. He came on without stopping and climbed up on the scaffold.

Then the other hunters tied some spunk together, set fire to it, and gave it to one of their number, who put it into the hole. The Bear came out quickly, and descended. They tried to shoot it but it went around on the other side, fell down, ran off, and disappeared. They went on in pursuit of it but it was lost, and after they had hunted about and evening came they returned to camp. They found that it had come to the man, that he lay there dead, and that the Bear had disappeared.

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