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Indians living in a certain town killed a white bear and walked through the village with it rejoicing and shouting. After that an Indian of the Bear clan traveling about was met by a Bear, which asked him, "To what clan do you belong?" "I am a Bear," he said. "Are you glad on account of what has happened?" "I don't like it," he said. Then the Bear said "On the morning of the fourth day I am going to come." The man answered, "On that very morning they have said, 'We will eat grease.'" "Tell all of your people," said the Bear. He went back and told them, but some of them would not believe him. So he took only his family, and settled in a place apart where they hung up something white. On the morning of the fourth

p. 191

day a young bear came to the town. When it got there they shot it with their guns. Presently two passed the camp of the Bear clan and went into the village, and they also shot those. Next three passed and went into the village and they shot them. Next time four passed through the Bear camp into the village and were shot. But after that happened others came in crowds. They killed all of the Indians. On the way back from killing them the Bear whom the Indian had met before stopped at his camp and told him he had left the bear meat for him and his friends.

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