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Big Man-eater stole a little girl and took her to the place where his mother lived. By and by Big Man-eater went hunting and said to the little girl, "Get a cut of meat and cook it for me." When he was gone his mother cut off a piece of her own flesh and cooked it. When Big Man-eater got back she fixed the table and told him to eat. Then he said, "That is very hard for the flesh of a little girl." "It is indeed hers," his mother said. By and by he was going hunting again and said, "Cut off another piece and cook it." After he was gone his mother said, "Go and hunt for fruits of all kinds. He hurts me badly by eating off of me; he will eat you up." She hunted for all kinds of fruits; blackberries, huckleberries, watermelons, all kinds of things, she brought back and prepared. "Now, runaway," she said. "By and by, when you hear Big Man-eater making a noise in pursuit of you, throw down some blackberries and run on. He goes along with a great roller. When again he almost catches you throw some more down and run on. When he nearly catches you again, throw down some huckleberries."

So it happened, and when she got near home she began to sing, and her father and mother heard it. "Oh ho, that little girl has been off traveling somewhere and is coming home," said her father.

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[paragraph continues] He took a bow and arrows and ran to meet her. When he met her, the little girl's father shot an arrow and broke the roller behind which Big Man-eater was running. He shot again trying to kill Big Man-eater but the latter said "Heye, the way mosquitoes bite is too bad," No one could kill him.

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