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p. 168


An old woman was traveling about. She was covered with sores and was very dirty, so that wherever she went people did not want to see her. Finally she came to where some orphan children were living and remained thereto take care of them. They said, "Stay with us." Then the old woman said, "Set out the things you use when you cook," and they set them before her. She was Corn. She rubbed herself as one rubs roasting ears and made bread of what came off, which they continued to eat.

By and by she said, "The corn is now getting hard." An old corncrib stood near, and she said, "Sweep this out, shut it up, and go to sleep. I am your mother. You can eat bread made out of white corn." When night came they lay down, and they heard a rapping noise in the corncrib, which presently ceased. Next day they went to it and opened the door and it was full of corn.

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