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p. 162


One time Rabbit started off and at a considerable distance from home found in the trail an old dirty pair of trousers. He shook the dirt from them and carried them along. Then he went on and came to an old hat. He went on again and found an old rotten ax. Going on farther he came to an Indian chief who owned some negroes. Rabbit took his old ax and began chopping timber with it. Then one of the negroes saw him and told his master. He said, "Somebody is stealing timber."

Then the chief started out and asked Rabbit why he was doing so. Rabbit replied, "I want some good wood," and he knocked the chief down and killed him.

For this the people put Rabbit into a big box along with some stones and directed that he be thrown into the water; but they waited until afternoon before carrying out their intention. While they were gone a negro heard Rabbit crying inside, and he opened the box. "Were you crying?" the negro said to him. "They are going to give me a pretty girl," he said. Upon that the negro let him out, but got inside in his place. Rabbit fastened the box and then disappeared. When noon was past the people came back and threw the box into the water. And the negro remained inside of the box crying, "Master, master." He was drowned.

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