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Once when the Alabama went to fight the Choctaw there were but few of them. While the rest sat down the head man walked about. A large number of Choctaw were encamped about them, The Alabama wanted to go on, so they endeavored to make their enemies sleep by the use of medicine, and they put them all to sleep. "Let three men go on ahead," they said, and they went on. While, all of the Choctaw slept they passed through, and one said, "Here is the head man," so they jumped upon him and tied him up. Then

p. 157

the Choctaw woke up, ran into the bushes, and when they got there reviled their enemies, saying, "To-morrow we will come." Then they brought the head man back.

Presently, when day came, numbers of Choctaw came out. And the head man of the Alabama ran out first of all to meet them. He went on and disappeared among the crowds of men, shouting. As if struck with lightning the Choctaw all fell to the ground [by magic?]. Then they got up and ran away.

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