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A man went hunting and camped. While he was sitting by the fire a Hawk and a Horned Owl came flying and lighted there. The Hawk stood between the man's knees and the Horned Owl lighted on the other side of the fire. "Throw that Hawk over to me," he said, and the other answered, "Don't throw me over there." "But if you throw him over here to me you shall see at night," said the Owl. "Don't throw me over there. He is very bad. If you do not throw me over there you shall be a skillful hunter," said the Hawk. The Horned Owl said, "Come, throw him down here," and the other answered, "Don't throw me down there." While the Owl was repeating the words "Throw him down here," day began to dawn, and he looked around and saw it. He jumped up and flew off. While he was on the way the Hawk followed him, caught him, and cut his head

p. 153

off and threw it on the ground. Then he came flying back to camp, pulled out the last short quill in his wing and threw it to the man. "By the use of this you can kill anything," he said.

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