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31. THE PYGMIES (28)

Some pygmy people and a human being went hunting together, killed some small birds, brought them in, cooked and ate them. The next time they went hunting they killed a skunk and the pygmies wanted to skin it on the spot (being unable to carry it home), but the human being took it by the feet and brought it back. After he had brought it in they threw it on the fire, singed it, cooked it, and ate, but the pygmies ate a little and stopped, while the man sat eating until it was gone.

Next time they hunted bear, and when they pursued it and killed it the human being wanted to skin it but the pygmies seized it by the legs and carried it home. After they had gotten to camp with it they threw it on the fire to singe it, and then cooked it. When they ate the human being ate a little and stopped, but the pygmies kept on eating until it was all gone.

The next time they started off they came to a little creek which the human being jumped across; but the pygmies did not know how to cross it. Then the man hunted for a tree to make a foot log upon which all got over. The next time they started out they came to a big river which the human being did not know how to pass, but the pygmies jumped across, tied some logs together and made a raft upon which they ferried him over. Then they started on.

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