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Wildcat and Rabbit were traveling about together. Wildcat said, "My friend, I am very hungry." When Wildcat said that to Rabbit, he answered, "If that is so, wait here for me and I will go and bring some turkeys which I saw walking about. When I whoop you may know that I am coming back with them. Then you pretend to be dead. Lie down and I will bring them. Then I will sing to them and when they step on you in dancing, catch one of them."

He started off and found the turkeys. Rabbit said, "Wildcat, who used to eat you, I saw lying dead. Let us go to the place and I will sing so that you can dance on him and enjoy yourselves." When he said that they answered, "If that is so, all right." All went along together and when they got there Wildcat acted as if he were dead. While he lay there Rabbit sang for them (in Creek), "Catch the redheaded one. Catch the big one." The turkeys said, "Heh, that doesn't sound good." "Well, that is the song for this kind of dance." When he said that Wildcat jumped up. The turkeys scattered, he caught one and the rest disappeared; Rabbit also ran away and disappeared.

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