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p. 107


Wolf was courting some girls and they were promised to him. While he was away Rabbit found it out and went to the place where those girls lived. He said to them, "Are you going to be the wives of Wolf, who is my horse?" Then they said to Rabbit, "Perhaps what you say is true. Ride him down here so that we can see and we will believe you."

Then Rabbit went off, met Wolf, and said to him, "Let me ride you to see those girls and when we get near I will get off and we will visit them and then come back." Rabbit made spurs out of thistles and mounted. They went along and when they got near the place he began to spur Wolf. Wolf could do nothing and ran with Rabbit to the place where those girls lived. When he got there, Rabbit tied him up and said, "I told you I could do it. I told you that Wolf is my horse and here he stands. Look!" The girls said, "He has gotten here with him just as he said he would." Then they took Rabbit for their husband.

After that Wolf was angry with Rabbit and if he saw a rabbit about he caught and ate it and has continued to do so ever since.

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