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Rabbit was traveling about during a festal season. On those days fire was taboo until they built a fire in the ceremonial grounds, but Rabbit wanted to run away with some. He put pine tar on his head and went to the dance. While he was standing about they said to him, "Act as leader!" So he acted as leader and ran round and round the fire as if he were going into fits. As he did so the pine tar blazed up. He ran off with it and the people ran after him, endeavoring to catch him, but in vain. He ran until finally he entered a hollow tree. He made a big fire inside. Meanwhile they caused a big rain outside but were unable to put the fire out. When it stopped raining he brought it out and set fire to the grass. When

p. 104

they caused it to rain upon it again he kept some fire inside of the tree and when the rain stopped he resumed setting fire outside. He scattered the fire everywhere.

It has been told.

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