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The Wolves used to go about with the Dogs, but men made the Dogs catch the young Wolves and kill them. Therefore the Wolves became angry and a great number held a consultation.. They said, "Our children are often killed. Let us gather the Dogs together and kill them." All agreed, so they started off and came howling about the house where the Dogs lived. At the noise the Dogs howled back. Then the Wolves howled in return and the Dogs all assembled. While they were talking to each other the Wolves said to them, "We are going to have a big chicken dinner at noon. All of you come and eat with us." The Dogs answered, "All right." Then the Wolves went back and dug a hole in the ground, and they waited until the date fixed upon, which was the fourth day.

When this day arrived the Dogs prepared to go. A very old Dog wanted to go with them but they said to him, "You know you would not be able to travel around, so stay at home." But he answered, "I can eat too." While this Dog was still at the house the others all started off. Still the old Dog followed them. When they saw him coming they said to one another, "That old man ought to have stayed at home but he is coming."

When they got to the place a great number of Wolves were there waiting for them, and when all were together, they said, "Go into that big hole in the ground and sit down there." When the Dogs got in, the Wolves said to them, "Are you all here?" "An old one is coming," they answered, and they waited for him. When the old male arrived they said, "You go in there too." So the old one went inside, and then one of four Wolves sitting round the door to the hole in the ground stood up and said, "We have been looking for this chance to, get you. You have killed all of our beautiful children, and now we are going to kill all of you." One old Wolf talked in this manner and lay down. Another stood up and said the same thing. All spoke likewise. Then the Dogs cried and howled. But the old Dog to whom they had said, "You are fit for nothing and must remain in the house," the one that would not remain but went on, stood up and said, "I am the one who destroyed the children you said you lost and I am getting pretty old." He took out a Wolf's tail he had in his possession and said, "Here lies your tail, so kill me first of all." He shook the wolf tail at them and when the old Wolves saw it all jumped up and ran away. The Dogs, not waiting for one another, jumped over the wall of the hole, got out, and ran off. After they had disappeared the old Dog walked around and went out. When he got home the Dogs were already there and he said, "You couldn't help yourselves, but yet you said to me, 'Remain in the house; you are not able to travel around,' so you went along, but I set out and I saved all of you. From this time on

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rely upon the old people when you go about. If one older than the rest advises you, trust him. Take this advice. All of you remember to do this. Before long I shall be dead, but do not forget the ad-vice I am giving you. Think, 'An old man who used to be with us saved our lives.'" He advised them in this manner and not long afterwards died.

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