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A man was out hunting and made a camp at night. He got a log and lay down, using it as a pillow. While he was lying there an alligator crept up to him and seized him. But when it was taking him off it carried him through some thick bushes and he held on to them so firmly that it could not get along well with him and laid him down. The man looked around to see which way to go and when the alligator was some distance away he ran off. Then he returned to his camp, brought in a log, wrapped a blanket around it, laid it down and waited at, a little distance. He stood by a tree holding his gun.

Now the alligator came back again and acted as before, taking the log in its mouth. The man aimed at its mouth, and, when he fired, it ran away. Then he went off and slept. In the morning he came back. When he went to look for the alligator he came to a pond near which was a nest. He saw the alligator lying bent over the nest dead.

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