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A Turkey used to catch men and carry them up to the sky. When they discovered this, many people gathered at the busk ground to find someone who could kill the Turkey when it came. Black Snake was

p. 91

present, and they said to him, "You might do it." "All right," he answered. Then they deliberated to find another whom they might ask. A Puppy was there, and they said, "You might try this." He, too, said, "All right." So these two were chosen to kill the Turkey.

Then the people waited and presently they heard the Turkey coming. It came from the sky while they were waiting for it. As soon as it lighted on the ground Black Snake ran at it and tried to whip it but missed. When it dropped from above the Puppy also ran up and struck the Turkey from behind. It fell down and all the men ran upon it, beat it, and killed it. Then the disappearance of the men into the sky stopped.

Before that time the people did not eat these birds, but they have done so ever since. When the Turkey came the Puppy killed it, and so nowadays when turkeys see a puppy they are afraid of it. All fly up into trees. Therefore, puppies are taken hunting and when, after hunting about, they discover turkeys the turkeys all fly up into trees. Then it is easy to kill them.

This is how they tell it.

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