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A doctor made the Wolf. That doctor while traveling along took up a pine cone lying in the trail. He carried it along and presently found another in the trail and took that. He held one in each hand, sang, and blew upon them. He went on with them, and came to a fork in the trail. He stopped, sang, blew on them, and struck them together. After he had stood there with them for a while he rolled one of them along upon one trail and the other down the other trail. Both of the pine cones then turned into Wolves. But they were weak and their feet were not stout. They came back to where the doctor stood.

When they got there that man blew on his hands and felt of the Wolves' backs. He blew on both of his hands and felt of the backs. After he did this the Wolves grew stouter, and the man said to them, "Both of you go along on this trail until you come to where a man lives who has much property. What he eats, you eat with him." After he had so spoken, the Wolves started along barking and scratching up the dirt.

After they had gone, that man was sorry. He thought, "I am worthless for having done that." He went along on the other trail, but from that time on the Wolves have disturbed the stock.

It has been told.

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