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p. 76


(Tuggle collection)

Away back in the first times God lived on the earth with men and he so arranged it that their hoes, plows, and all other tools worked without being guided. All a man had to do was to tell the hoe or plow where he wanted work done and it was done by the tool itself.

One day God was passing a field where some young men were at work clearing the ground. He asked them:

"What will you plant?" Said they, in derision, "Rocks."

When they returned to the field the next morning it was covered with enormous rocks, so then they could plant nothing.

Another time God passed a house of mourning where a man was lying dead in his coffin. He asked: "Why do you mourn?"

"Our friend is dead," sighed they. "He is not dead," said He, and straightway the dead arose.

Some other young men thought they would deceive their Maker. They put one of their number in a coffin and forthwith began to cry aloud. God asked them: "Why do you cry?"

"Because our friend is dead," they said in pretended sadness.

"If he is dead, he is dead," said He, and when the box was opened, lo, their friend was dead.

Some wicked women passed a field where the hoes and plows were at work and said, "See what a foolish way to work."

"Since you are not contented with my plan, henceforth do the work for yourselves," said He, and ever since the women have worked the fields.

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