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(Tuggle collection)

"I am unhappy" said the Cow to her Maker, "because I see the sow is more fruitful than I am. Pray make me more fruitful."

God told her to go to a certain fine, garden full of vegetables, stay there all night and return the next morning.

She went into the garden, but instead of sleeping she fed on the vegetables all night and destroyed the beautiful garden, and when she went to God in the morning he said to her: "See what destruction you have caused in one night. Were I to grant your request, the world could not furnish food for your progeny. Go and be contented."

The Dog came to God and said: "I am required to fight all kinds of animals, but I am not provided with horns like the cow, or tusks like the bog. I have only short teeth. Make my teeth long."

Then God said: "Go to yonder pile of skins and pass the night; come again in the morning."

p. 74

The Dog went. During the night he rose and injured the edges of all the skins by gnawing them.

When he came on the morrow his Maker said to him, "Behold what your short teeth have done in one night. Were I to make them longer, great destruction would result."

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