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(Tuggle collection)

The Rabbit had so often deceived mankind that a council was held to try him and, being found guilty, he was condemned to death by drowning. A box was made and he was put into it, carried to

p. 71

the banks of a stream and left there for a while. A little child came to the box during the absence of the people and, discovering the Rabbit, asked him what he was doing there.

"Oh, I am listening to the sweetest music in the world," said be. "Let me get in there too," begged the child. So the Rabbit told the child bow to open the box, and once out and the child fastened in, away he ran to the forest. When the people returned they lifted the box and threw it into the stream and said: "There, we will never be troubled by the Rabbit again." The next busk came, when every criminal is free to return, and hardly had the dancing ground been swept clean when in jumped the Rabbit, all dressed in red, and danced with the pretty girls, while all the people stood amazed.

"Did we not drown him?" they said. "We put him in a box and threw him into the water, yet here he is." Being asked how he came back the Rabbit replied: "I am glad you threw me into the water. I did not die, I went to a beautiful country, where there were thousands of pretty girls who begged me to stay, and I am now sorry I came away from them." The young warriors crowded around him and did not tire of hearing of such a lovely land. They begged him to show them the way, and be selected those whom he most envied and told them to prepare boxes in which they could be placed. When all were ready their friends carried them to the stream and the Rabbit ordered them thrown in. Again the busk rolled around and anxious friends awaited the return of the young warriors, but they did not come. At last the boxes were found on an island and in the boxes were the bodies of the ill-fated young men. A little box was also found containing the bones of the child. Then it was known that the Rabbit had deceived them again. On being questioned he said:

"I told you I was the only one who had ever returned from that beautiful country. I warned the warriors, but they would have me show them the way, and no one can be blamed except themselves."

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