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The Rabbit and the Coyote were great friends. One time when the Rabbit was traveling along he saw a colt lying asleep in the road. He Went on and came to the Coyote and said, "I see something good for you to eat over there. If you wish I will drag him out of the road to a place where you can make a feast off of him, while I go and get my own food." The Coyote said, "All right," so they went along to the place where the colt was lying. Then Rabbit said, "I am not strong

p. 64

enough so I will tie his tail to yours and help you by pushing." Then Rabbit tied their tails carefully so as not to awaken the colt, took the colt by the ears, and began lifting him. Upon this the colt woke up and started to run off, dragging the coyote after him. The Coyote struggled frantically, but all he could do was scratch on the ground with his claws. Rabbit shouted after him, "Pull with all your might." "How can anyone pull with all his might," answered Coyote, "when he is not standing on the ground?" By and by, however, the Coyote got loose, and then Rabbit had to run to cover.

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