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(Tuggle collection)

Rabbit was discontented. He went to Esarketummesee (Hisakita imisi), the Life Controller, and said:

"I am unhappy. The other animals are better provided than I am for offense. When I am attacked I can only run."

Esarketummesee said: "Go and bring yonder Rattlesnake to me." The Snake was coiled and ready to strike. The Rabbit approached him and said:

"Esarketummesee has ordered me to take your measure, and, if you will get out of your coil, I will see how long you are."

The Rattlesnake felt flattered at this and stretched himself at full length. But Rabbit had provided a stick and a string, and quickly tying the stick to the snake near his head and tail he took him and ran away to Esarketummesee.

"Well done," said he. "Now, go and bring yonder swarm of Gnats which you see flying in the air."

Rabbit ran to the place and sat under the swarm and while the king of the Gnats was playing ball with his young men Rabbit said to him, "You have a large band, and Esarketummesee has sent me to count them. If you will enter this bag I will count as they go in." Rabbit saw that they all followed their king, as the bees follow their queen.

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The king felt flattered at this and entered Rabbit's bag, all his young men following him, whereupon Rabbit tied the bag and ran away to Esarketummesee, where he threw it down.

Then Esarketummesee said to Rabbit, "See what you have done by using the faculties I gave you. Go and use the powers I have bestowed upon you and you will fulfil the destiny I designed for you."

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