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(Tuggle collection)

Once upon a time the beasts, birds, and reptiles held a council to devise means of destroying their enemy, Man. It was decided that he must die. The Rattlesnake, being the most poisonous, was chosen

p. 58

to kill him; the Turtle was selected to bite off his scalp lock; while the Turkey was to run away with it. In accordance with this arrangement the three repaired to the cabin of Man during the night and while he was asleep. The Rattlesnake coiled himself up near the door, so that he could strike Man as he came out, the Turtle took a position round the corner of the house, and the Turkey stationed himself behind it.

When morning came Man awoke and stepped out. The Rattlesnake heard him coming and when he was sufficiently near struck his fangs deep into his leg. Man fell down and died. Then the Turtle crawled up to his head and after much labor bit off the scalplock, and the Turkey seized it and ran off with it. In his race he accidentally swallowed the scalplock, and ever since a scalplock has grown from the breast of the Turkey in honor of that event.

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