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p. 54



(Tuggle collection)

A Terrapin dared a Deer to run a race. On the appointed day they met and agreed to race over four hills. The Terrapin wore a white feather in his cap. Then he went off and found three other Terrapins and stationed them on the tops of other hills, one on each hill.

When the word was given the Deer ran swiftly down the first hill and up the second hill. Just as he was ascending the second hill he saw the white feather of the second Terrapin disappearing over the second hill. He ran faster but could not see the Terrapin, as he threw away his feather just before the Deer reached him. Deer ran down the second hill and as he ascended the third hill he saw the white feather of the third Terrapin disappear over the crest of the third hill. Then the Deer ran from the track and gave up the race.

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