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(Tuggle collection)

Rabbit said to Terrapin, "Let us have a race." "All right," replied Terrapin, "Let me get ready for it and let us race across a ridge."

"I can beat you," said Rabbit. "I can beat you," said Terrapin, and both boasted of what they could do. Terrapin said that he would have a little white feather in his head by which he could be recognized.

When he went away to get ready, Terrapin stationed another Terrapin halfway up the hill, a second at the top, and a third in the valley beyond, while he himself went to the starting place. Immediately after they began racing Terrapin pulled the feather out of his head and turned aside into the bushes. Rabbit, however, saw the Terrapin halfway up the hill and kept on. This Terrapin disappeared in the same way and then Rabbit saw the Terrapin at the top. But when he saw at the top of the hill the Terrapin he supposed he was racing he gave it up and ran off into the bushes.

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