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Rabbit went to a pond of water where Tie-snake lived and said: "I want to tell you that Alligator might hurt you." When Tie-snake came out to him he said: "Alligator said to me, 'If I come down to his place I will tear him up.'" Said Tie-snake: "Let him show me." Then Rabbit went to the pond where Alligator lived and said: "Mr. Tie-snake says he is going to tear you up." "Let him show me," said Alligator. Then Rabbit arranged to have the two animals pull against each other to see which was the stronger; so he got a long vine and had Tie-snake take hold of one end and Alligator of the other. They pulled against each other for a long time, but neither was able to get any advantage, so they finally concluded to call it off and become friends, and stay in the water together, which they have done ever since. By and by Alligator discovered that Rabbit had deceived him.

One time after this Rabbit came to Alligator and said: "Mr. Alligator, you say you have never seen Trouble." "No." "Well, you go over to that sage grass and lie down in it and you will see Trouble." So Alligator went over there and lay down, and Rabbit Went away after telling him at what time in the day Trouble would come. Then Rabbit went off and set fire to the grass until he had Alligator entirely surrounded by it. By and by the fire came to Alligator, who ran back and forth but was badly burned. On account of this trick he put hounds on the trail of Rabbit, who finally took refuge in a hollow tree in which Alligator shut him up tight. Then he

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went away to get an ax, leaving Owl on guard. After Alligator had gone Rabbit said: "What are you doing?" "I am on guard." "Oh, I thought you and I were friends. Do you use tobacco?" "Yes, but I have none." Then Rabbit offered Owl some tobacco, but, when Owl came to get it, Rabbit squirted tobacco juice into his eyes and ran away, and Alligator never did get him.

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