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p. 261



A piece of wood of which the bow is to be made is cut off the proper length and shaved into shape. Then wide yucca leaves are split from side to side and placed on both sides of the bow in the middle. When it is well covered and wrapped around with these leaves the middle portion is covered with ashes and allowed to remain until it is quite hot. It is then removed, one foot is placed upon the middle of the bow and the two ends are bent back.

A piece of rawhide is placed in the fire and scorched. The rawhide is cut in small pieces and placed in a pot of water which is allowed to boil for a day. Sinew, after being soaked in cold water, is shredded into fine strands. The back of the bow is roughened with a coarse stone. The glue which results from the boiling of the rawhide is then applied. The sinew is wrapped around a long pole and allowed to dry in that position. The glue which has already been applied to the back of the bow is softened by rubbing it with water. The prepared sinew is then applied and the finished bow placed in the sun to dry. When it is dry it is provided with a string. This way they make them.

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