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Some of the Jicarilla were camped at Ruidosa with the Mescalero. A number of us started off camping after deer. At the end of the ridge, below on the plains, there were many deer. We established our camp there to hunt deer and antelope. We went off in different directions, hunting, and brought back meat. They brought back white-tailed deer. We killed many animals and dried the meat which we placed in parfleches. We went back with it to Ruidosa.

Again, after that seven men went on horseback south to Tseîntc'îcî, "rock nose". There were many elk tracks there and many of both kinds of deer. We killed a great many and brought home the meat. When we came back among the Mescalero they kept asking us for meat which we gave them. They made a line all the way to our tent. We gave meat to them. When we got back to the tipi with the meat, they ceased asking for it.

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