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p. 253


Long ago, over east of Picuris, where the houses were by the river there was a medicine ceremony. There were many people there and they danced. When it was over the Apache moved their camp to the top of the mountain. Their camp was at DziLdzenadzisgaye for some time, after which they moved to Cimarron. From there they camped in succession at Mik'egojîye, "black dried lake", at Tcôncjadzôye, "small pines", at DeLdîLnîye, "cranes make a noise," at K'ekôntsôye bîjaye, "small yellow spot", and at TseLgaiye, (white rock). From there one of the Ute who had their camp at Cimarron went to the town to buy whisky in canteens.

The enemy, coming from the east, met him and he commenced to fight with them although he was alone. The Apache and the Ute knew it although they were drinking whisky. His people came to him where they were fighting on the Canadian River. Just as they came there, he was shot through the chest. He caught hold of the horse's neck and fell. Someone untied his medicine which he was wearing across his chest. The Ute spit blood and sat up. They put the medicine in his mouth four times with a spear of grama grass.

"Now fill a pipe for me," he said. They filled the pipe for him and he smoked. The blood stopped flowing. They tied a cloth around his chest. He sat there.

They went after the enemy. One was killed on the banks of the Canadian River. They continued fighting as the enemy withdrew eastward. They threw away their weapons and clothing, even their breech cloths. The Apache took much of their property including many horses and brought them back with them. They danced with the scalp.

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