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Long ago they moved the camp east to the plains from there own country at Cimarron. They camped at DziLtcitdjaiye "mountains stand there". From there we went to DziLntsaiye, where we secured antelope meat. They

p. 252

moved the camp to DziLnkelleye, "mountain flat". Then they camped at Gadjaeye where they secured only antelope. They camped at KaLdeîaye, "cedar stands". Next they camped at Sîgôlôhôye. There by a lake was a band of wild horses which they surrounded when they saw them. When the, horses discovered the men they ran away. The Indians rode around in front of them on both sides. Then riding toward them they caught twenty-three which they led home. After two days they moved the camp east to a place where there was no water. Early in the morning the next day they went to Bôndaye. There on the plains they looked in vain for buffalo.

After awhile three men were out riding on the plains. They came home about evening saying that way down stream were many of the enemy camped on the flat, They rode toward them and slept that night close by. Early the next morning two men rode toward them. They approached, riding from side to side. When they came up to the place there was no enemy but buffalo. We rode to them and killed a great many. We brought home the meat arriving after dark. On the stream above us it rained hard during the night and the water came up over us, washing away much of our property and all the meat.

A Ute riding out from this camp took horses belonging to a Texan and drove them away thinking they belonged to the enemy. They drove home seven of them. A man came riding after them on a mule. His foot slipped through the stirrup and he fell off. The mule ran with him, kicking, and dragging him back to the house, dead. Then another man came out and they gave the horses to them. He asked for other horses. "You must give me ten horses because my man was killed by his horse when he was coming after you. If you do not give them to us I am going to kill you all," he said. They gave him ten horses.

When they gave him the horses he was satisfied. "You must not bother the buffalo," he told them. "If you see anything lying about you must not touch it. Let it lie there, it belongs to someone," he said.

They moved their camp to a place called Balalolo and then to Agua Azul where they found some buffalo. They killed a few; there were not many. When the buffalo were gone they moved up Red River. There were many buffalo there. They killed many and dried the meat which they tied up in parfleches and packed on the horses. They drove the horses back up the river to El Rito Blanco, camping at Millo Agua. They crossed where they make pipes in the middle of the river. From there they moved to LîyeLdeseLîye. There the river flows over a rock. They came to the Canadian River and the next day got back to Cimarron.

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