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One time, they say, they caught Coyote for his lying and put him in a sack. They started to carry him to California, where the judge lived. They brought him to the house of the judge. Coyote turned himself into a girl. The judge removed his clothes with the intention of spending the night with the girl. When he opened the bag Coyote came out and began to bite him. The judge ran out crying. Coyote taking all the money started to carry it home. Whenever he came to a tree he threw money on it.

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He came where a Mexican lived who had treated his dog badly. it was very poor. "Compadre," Coyote said, "how is it you are so poor?" "Compadre," replied the dog, "my people treat me badly." "I will make them treat you well," said Coyote. The Mexican had some hens. "I will run off with one of the hens," said Coyote. Then Coyote seized one and ran off with it, biting it as he ran along slowly. "Where is the dog?" said the Mexican. Then he sent the dog after Coyote who was now beyond the hill. The dog ran up to him, took the hen and carried it back. On that account they treated the dog well.

The family went off to a dance one night leaving the dog at home. Coyote came to see him. "Compadre, are you staying all by yourself?" asked Coyote. The dog replied, "I am just by myself, Compadre." They were staying there together when Coyote asked the dog, "What is in that box?" "There is a bottle of whisky in there," said the dog. "Compadre, let us take a drink," Coyote said. They took out one bottle and began to drink it. When they finished the bottle Coyote said, "Compadre, I am going to shout." "Don't do it," said the dog, "the people might know about it." Nevertheless, Coyote became drunk and commenced to shout. The people came back, whipped the dog and drove him out. Coyote had defecated on all the clothes. That is why the dresses of the Mexican girls are spotted. The trees upon which he threw the money became apple trees. That is why apples are sold for money.


235:1 This is a Mexican folk tale which is told in Spanish by the Mexicans in New Mexico.

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