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p. 205


Naiyenesgani went around looking in vain for monsters. When he failed to find any he started off in this direction, toward the Mescalero country. He climbed to the top of White Mountain and looked about in all the different directions in vain. There were no monsters. Then he threw away his staff. "You will get your living by means of this," he said, and right where he threw it, it became a yucca.

Then he washed from his hands the pollution from the killing of the monsters and threw it in different directions. "With this you will live," he said, referring to the Mexicans. That is why sheep and cattle have a bad odor. The dirt he washed from his hands became cattle and sheep. All the monsters were gone. The Mescalero live upon the staff which he threw away, the Mexicans live upon the cattle and the sheep. That is why Mexicans have many sheep and cattle. He spoke to them this way.

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