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A large number of the people started away, camping. They discovered the enemy who came together in large numbers on the plains and surrounded them. They made a barricade of their goods and commenced to fight. The enemy came straight at them. When they were near, they fought with knives. The women fought too, drawing the bows this way with their feet. Putting the bow over one foot, the woman drew the string with both hands and shot at the enemy. Nearly all were killed. Many of the enemy also were killed. A few of the Jicarilla escaped and returned to their own country. Another generation grew up from these. When they were again numerous, they started away to camp in the plains. Again, the enemy discovered them and came together. They fought with them again until only a small hand was left. Many of the enemy were also killed. Those who escaped came again to their own country. Another generation grew up and there were many men again.

The stone which rolls around came among them and killed many of the people. It went among those who were camping over on the plain and killed many of them. It came among the people who were living on the east side of the. Rio Grande. Naiyenesgani tried to head it off but he could not get around it to shoot. When it was nearly on the people he got in front of it. It passed right through them. Again he got in front of it and once more it came among the people. When he got in front of it this time he shot it, hitting it in the backbone. It still lies over by Picuris with its mouth open. It is a blue stone that has a white stripe across its breast. They cut off this white material which shows on the surface. When one gets sore from wearing the medicine string about his body, he puts some of this on and be gets well. If one gets shot with an arrow he gets well at once by the aid of this. The Picuris and other Pueblo Indians scrape this off and use it for their medicine also.

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