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Ô'?mâl obtains the Water.

Then Ô'?mâl took the stomach of K*!eg*î'lbala and put it in place of his own stomach. He was trying to get the water from Virgin. Then he took excrements and entered the house of Virgin. She was asleep. Then he lifted her blanket and put the excrements behind Virgin. "Oh!" said Ô'?mâl to Virgin, "don't sleep!" Thus said Ô'?mâl to Virgin. "You have made a mess. Let me swallow some of your water," said Ô'?mâl. "You may do so," said Virgin. Then he drank. He had not swallowed much water. Then he was taken by the nape of the neck by Virgin. He put ashes into his mouth (and said,) "I did not drink any, look at the grayness of my tongue!" Behold! he had put ashes into his mouth. "Let me tell about the mess you made," said Ô'?mâl. Then go on and drink!" Then he drank. She stopped him again. "You have had enough." Thus was said to Ô'?mâl by Virgin. Again he put something on his tongue. "Look at the grayness of my tongue! I have not swallowed any of your water." Thus said Ô'?mâl. "Let me tell about the mess you made," said Ô'?mâl. "Then go

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on and drink!" He drank. He drank all the water of Virgin. Then Virgin became a bluejay, when she had no more water. Ô'?mâl began to fly all around our world, making water. That is how all our people obtained water.

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