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Ô'?mâl gets the Soil.

Then he called his tribe in. "Let us try and get the soil and the leaves from below." They started and paddled, and the loon dived. He emerged again. He had not obtained anything. Then he changed with the seal, and

p. 225

he staid under water a long time. Then he emerged. He also did not reach the bottom, and his breath was at an end. "You ought to be the one," was said to Charitonetta (female). "You are opening the shells of mussels on the water." Then she said, "Let me go on, there are ten waves (?)" She stood up in the canoe and dived. She staid under water a long time. Then she came, emerged, and lay on her back. "Leaves, soil!" she said. Then she was taken aboard, and they obtained the leaves and the soil. That is the reason why we have soil and leaves.

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