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Origin of the Perch. 3

Then he saw a perch. "Don't come near me on the water. You are secular." 4--"I am really the greatest thrower of all, 5 Ô'lalahahë'", great friend!" Thus he said to him. "You are a great shaman," said Q!â'nêqi?laxu to him. "Hê'hehehe! you only say that I sing my sacred shaman's song. I feel only glad on the water because it is calm."--"Come, friend, and let us meet," said Q!â'nêqi?laxu to him. The perch came ashore, and his cedar-bark head-ring

p. 209

was dragging along on the water. Then Q!â'nêqi?laxu took him and put him into the water. He became a perch.


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207:4 That means not initiated in the winter-dance.

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