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Transformation of the Man with many Mouths. 2

Then Q!â'nêqi?laxu started. He saw people laughing. Then he became afraid. Behold! he discovered Mouth-Body, who was this way. Behold! he had many mouths. Q!â'nêqi?laxu started. Is that the way you are?" Then he said to him, "That is the way we are."--"Don't be that way in later generations." Then he said, "Come to me, that I may set you right, else you might continue this way in later generations." Then (Mouth-Body) came

p. 207

to him, and he stroked with his hand over his body, over his past mouths, and he had only one mouth. Then (Mouth-Body) spoke. "You have taken pity on me."


205:2 Ibid., p. 220.

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