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p. 201

Q!â'nêqi?laxu revives the Ancestors of the Koskimo. 1

He saw a village. There was no smoke of the village. Only one house had smoke. He saw one child sitting in the house. Q!â'nêqi?laxu spoke. "Where are [your] the other ones?" Thus said Q!â'nêqi?laxu to the child. "They were eaten by this sea-monster."--"Drink!"--"No, else I shall die when all this water is gone. That is all I live on." Q!â'nêqi?laxu took the water. He gave it to him, and the child drank. Winter-Dance-of-the-World was his name. Winter-Dance-of-the-World drank the water. "Go and draw some water."--"No, else I'll die."--"Go put this belt on!" Then he put the belt on. Q!â'nêqi?laxu gave his belt to the child. He went and carried the bucket. He was girded with the snake-back. Then he was devoured by the sea-monster. He was swallowed. Then Q!â'nêqi?laxu spoke. "Snake in belly, snake in belly, snake in belly, snake in belly!" Then (the monster) began to vomit. The child that had been dead came out among its tribe. Then he picked up the bones and put them together. They were all together. Then he took the water of life to them, and they came to life. All the many men came to life. Then the many men started. Some had short legs. Then he finished. These are the Koskimo.


201:1 See Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. X, p. 217.

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